Wow. That is a very oversimplified version of reality you are describing, Dirk. The pandemic is stressful because people are asked to stay indoors and sit on a couch - but they don't own the couch or the home. Payments can't be made if money is not generating, Dirk. Financial hardship causes depressive symptoms. "Most of us have everything" is naive and lacking empathy and compassion for those who are losing livelihood - artists, musicians, mom and pop shops, millions of people furloughed, laid off, losing out left and right.

Glad you are kicking ass and not depressed, Dirk. You sound like a boomer - asking everyone to simply pull themselves up by the bootstraps...but if you sit with it, if you look around, you might notice it is WAY more complicated.

I agree that we don't need more pills. I also agree that if you change your mind, you change your life. But I hesitate to minimize the stress of this time in life. There is a lot of REAL suffering out there.

Word wrangler. Rhetorician. Meditator. Runner. Nurse Practitioner. I make fresh sentences every day. Maybe you’ve read one?

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