well said, Terri!

I remember watching this piece on VICE and being terrified by his overt enslavement of people. Then mortified that so many citizens of the USA are sleepwalking, then angry that we could allow a guy with this kind of track record to be our president.

Believing that anyone can stop a virus from taking lives is not realistic. Responding to a pandemic, preparing for it, and admitting mistakes are all presidential duties. We have a proud history of upstanding presidents, and we expect these things of our leaders.

This is where Trump has failed, is failing, and will fail.

Every country with casualties is trying to learn from this. Our issue is that we are dealing with a megalomaniac in the office that seeks only to divert blame and to divert attention by making the White House a soap opera so we do not notice all the cuts his Administration is making.

I’m on your side, Terri. Please check out this part of my piece on Earth Day.



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