Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Very curious about this line of work. I think the amount of emphasis we place on privacy laws and the ability to operate on the web, on ZOOM, or anywhere else in total untraceable secrecy — with encrypted and warrant-proof smartphones under the guise of Constitutional rights — is obscene.

We know that Zoom has increased it’s security. And as a result, bad people doing bad things to good people while other bad people sit back on Zoom and watch (are you disgusted yet?) is a big problem.

How do we navigate a right to privacy with the expectation that people like you, Zoey, are able to track the bad people and bring them to justice? Bad people who are raping children on group Zoom calls as I type this…?

Word wrangler. Rhetorician. Meditator. Runner. Nurse Practitioner. I make fresh sentences every day. Maybe you’ve read one?

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