This is the bottom line.
The online environment overwhelms everyone!

What is Medium? I get the question often, and don’t have a good answer. They say it’s a place to “Get smarter about what matters to you.”

I’m proud to write and hang it all out there. Out HERE. But we have to take it easy on ourselves when it seems nobody is stopping by to hang with us.

Have you ever tried to quench your thirst by drinking from a firehose?

Trying to fill your desire for a fulfilling read, or to answer your question, or to learn anything HERE requires the writer to capture some of that life-giving water and funnel it down into an enticing vessel. Then, and only then, can your reader sip on it. He may even guzzle some of it and then slow down on drinking the rest.

But at least the water won’t blast him in the face and run down the front of his shirt, lost and never retained for the life affirming wonder that it is…

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