So far, the video evidence from bodycams and bystanders seem to have marginal effect on systemic change in how we police our communities. Defining policy and what “meaningful reform” might look like — this is a HUGE challenge.

In the wake of the Rodney King incident, Congress passed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994. Police reform agreements had trickled in until President Obama took the office in 2008, when there was a significant uptick in the number of legally binding consent decrees affecting police departments.

As we would expect, Trump’s agenda has been to glorify the power of heavy hand and long arm of the law — and we see the consequences all around us. A man in San Diego was shot in the back and killed on May 2. His crime? His dog was off-leash in a park.

And yes, he was a non-white male who was scared of police. We all should be. We need to demand change. We need to vote. We need to use our voices. We cannot look away.

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