Thank you for this game, Siobhan O'Connor — it’s just what we need!

I love that you tie this back to the Buddha!

Here are my five:

1. My cat turned 20 years old last month, and I adore her purring. I’m just over the moon that she continues to do her cat things and keep us company.

2. Autumn is my favorite season. The changes are quite subtle to notice in San Diego, mostly the crisp air at night, which reminds me every year how much I like wearing a hoodie.

3. My wife and I cast our ballots today. Voting never felt more important!

4. Your piece gives me that little thrill I get from Medium sometimes, at once inspired to go write and also satiated after reading. I am so appreciative of your flow of ideas and how resonant the piece is for me. Thank you!

5. After my grandmother's death a month ago, all of my cousins and I have been texting almost daily. It started as a way to celebrate her and for us to share memories, but has continued with almost daily checking in. I'm so thankful for family, even though I can't hug any of them right now.

I wanted to share my story about my grandmother, who we called Big Mama. Please enjoy:

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