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Word wrangler. Rhetorician. Meditator. Runner. Nurse Practitioner. I make fresh sentences every day. Maybe you’ve read one?
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I’m prone to deep dives that manifest as a frenzied few hours of research. Some go on for years as full-blown hobbies, while others simply cease once I’m satiated.

I’ve been thinking about how this deep diving all began…

When I was seven years old, Mrs. Nielson assigned individual research projects. This assignment included standing in an assembly dressed as my chosen hero and presenting a short biography, including why I idolized him.

I knew right away who I wanted to be.

I went to the Encyclopedia Brittanica with my 3x5 note-cards and started studying up and jotting down details…

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I can’t say when I realized my father’s snoring was shaking the foundation of the house we slept in.

We grew up with those sounds. We just knew that Dad snored. The diagnosis of sleep apnea wasn’t formalized yet.

I’m more clear about when my snoring started to bother people. We rented a tent in a popular campground at Yosemite in the early 80s. The tents were sort of like yurts and were all set up when we arrived. They weren’t cabins, but they were sturdier than backpacking tents with the bendy fiberglass poles.

The night was pretty warm in…

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According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, an expert is a person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or activity.

Technically, you are already an expert at communicating, right? You’ve accumulated lots of language knowledge, and you’ve been talking almost all your life!

But don’t you want to be more skilled?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more meaningful discussions? To eliminate those awkward moments of feeling misunderstood?

I am here to help. If you follow my advice, you will experience:

  • fewer fights with your loved ones
  • way less hurt feelings between friends
  • reduced…

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Some months back, I had this passing idea for a piece on coronavirus. Here are the three lines I finished:

I am treated like I might be infected.

My fellow condo owners steer clear.

They know I’m a nurse.

I didn’t return to the topic because, in truth, I am far removed from healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients on the front lines, enduring the chaos that stems from those intimate encounters with sick and dying patients.

My clinic sits inside a hospital, and we prepared for the worst by setting up field tents, attending ventilator training, planning out triaging and…

Image by Robert Wildomar

Before I left home, I thumbed over to the app to check surf conditions. It can be misleading, but better to be generally prepared than totally unprepared. The waves looked small from my window, but as I approached the beach, I was thrilled to see some towering breaks.

I’ve aligned with the Pacific Ocean since I could walk. Damp salty air and loud breaking waves relax my mind. I respect her. Sometimes I fear rip tide or the size of a wave. …

Aric D. Mayer

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